Install plugin via custom installer

For first time install, we suggest you download whole update site include XULRunner plugins:

Once you unpack the zip file, you can install plugin via update site. For other reason, we recommend execute the simple installer which could copy/unpack these plugin files to Eclipse dropin folder.
Just execute: java -jar install.jar $ECLIPSE_HOME_PATH

If $ECLIPSE_HOME_PATH is not specified, a GUI will be launched. Just select source/install folder and click Install button.

Note: the source code of installer could be found in install.jar. If you have security issue, please read it and complied by yourself.

After Mozilla plugin installed, you can download the latest plugin file and copy it to $ECLIPSE_HOME\dropins folder once new version released.

If you want to uninstall the plugin, just remove the copied file/folders.

Install plugin via update site

The typical procedures are:

  1. Update site:
  2. Step by step procedures

Procedures for install this plugin manually

  1. Download Mozilla XULRunner with Java XPCOM enable (The installation steps can be found in release note

    (If you only want to use it in Eclipse, please do these steps and no need to install it)

  2. Download plugins file "com.beck.ep.wtool_2.6.2.jar"
  3. Copy the file to $ECLIPSE_HOME/dropins
  4. Ensure you already install required plugins, include webtools/GEF/EMF, Java XPCOM library and Mozilla Rhino library
  5. The plugin will detect/modify this setting and ask you whether to restart Eclipse when plugin active.
  6. If you prefer to do it manually, modify $ECLIPSE_HOME\configuration\config.ini, add one line "".

Once the installation complete, you can open the HTML Visual view via "Windows"-> "Show view"-> "Other...". Then open jsp/htm file with your prefer editor, this view could detect active editor automatic.

Another choose is open jsp/htm. To edit .jsp file using this plugin, right click on the file and select "Open With" -> "Bravo JSP Editor"

You can also change the default editor setting, so you don't have to do this when open a file.
If you get an error after upgrade to new version, follow these step may fix the error

  • Open command line windows
  • Go to eclipse home folder
  • Execute "eclipse -clean"


Some settings are config by project, click here for more info, following settings are shared in workspace.