HTML Visual view

This view can be used to preview the HTML rendering of editing document. It could be opened via "Windows"-> "Show view"-> "Other...".

Highlight/scroll selected elements in editor Enabled by default. After moving cursor/selection in editor, highlighting the mapping object on HTML rendering page.
Move editor cursor/selection area after click in this view Enabled by default. After clicking object on HTML rendering page, move the cursor/selection to the JSP/HTML code of the object.
Keep view even active editor change Disabled by default. When active editor changed, the HTML rendering will refresh for previewing the document in new editor. Enable this option could keep the content.
Change focus to editor after clicked Disabled by default. The keyboard input focus will move to editor by default. Enable this option could keep the focus, following key binding are supported in this mode.
Command Key Binding(Windows/Linux) Key Binding(Mac OS X) Redefined
Change focus to editor ESC ESC
Move selection area Shift + ↑↓←→ Shift + ↑↓←→
Refresh rendering F5, CTRL + R F5, COMMAND + R
Insert table cell/row after CTRL + F COMMAND + F
Insert table cell/row before CTRL + B COMMAND + B
Merge table cell CTRL + G COMMAND + G
Zoom in CTRL + + COMMAND + +
Zoom out CTRL + - COMMAND + -
Reset zoom scale CTRL + 0 COMMAND + 0
Switch cursor config to 1st one ALT + X ALT + X Yes
Switch cursor config to 2nd one ALT + C ALT + C Yes
Copy (editor) CTRL + C COMMAND + C Yes
Cut (editor) CTRL + X, Shift + Delete COMMAND + X, Shift + Delete Yes
Paste (editor) CTRL + V, Shift + Insert COMMAND + V, Shift + Insert Yes
Redo (editor) CTRL + Y COMMAND + Y Yes
Undo (editor) CTRL + Z COMMAND + Z Yes
Delete (editor) Delete Delete Yes
Select all (editor) CTRL + A COMMAND + A Yes
Select enclosing element Shift + ALT + ↑ Shift + ALT + ↑
Restore last selection Shift + ALT + ↓ Shift + ALT + ↓
Select previous element Shift + ALT + ← Shift + ALT + ←
Select next element Shift + ALT + → Shift + ALT + →
Note: "Redefined is Yes" means the key binding could be changed in "General -> Keys" preference. But this view must reopen to take effect.