Config by Project

Move cursor to into border of TR/TD, the cursor will change and display block for selection preview. The color of block could be specified here.

When you select the element in visual part, there are two display style:

  • border item: such as <table>, <td>, <div>... will display the border. You can specify border style here.
  • normal item: other item will be highlight.

This page also provided two options to control the handling of <jsp:include page=""/>, <!--#include file=""--> and other import element.

  • Render imported page for JSP include/forward, SSI...
  • Open editor for imported page - If click on imported element/text in the visual part, whether to open editor and move focus.
The imported page must be able to open by Structured Text Editor, to add file association for unknown file type. Click the link will open the dialog.
  • Bravo JSP editor - Click on the column could create/remove association
  • Default JSP editor - Click on the column could create/remove association
  • File's default editor - Change default editor to Bravo JSP editor

The Taglib render option page provide the following options:

  • The resource bundle search list for Struts like message tag library
  • Prefer language - will be append to resource bundle name
  • JSP taglib between Eclipse Project and render configuration.

The CSS option page are used to define extra CSS file loading rule:

  • For each page of this project.
  • Only load it when specified taglib declared.