v2.6.2 - 2017/01/24

  • [Requirement] Remove optional plugin dependency
  • [Bug] Fix "Widget is disposed" error

v2.6.1 - 2016/09/29

  • [Requirement] Display image for SVG element
  • [Bug] Support Eclipse 4.5 or higher version

v2.6.0 - 2013/10/01

  • [Requirement] Visual view: support custom width
  • [Requirement] DOM find/replace dialog: new dialog for add XPath column
  • [Bug] Visual view: focus handle for text input and <TEXTAREA>
  • [Bug] Visual view: wrong rendering in some case
  • [Bug] Visual view: cursor position of <TEXTAREA> is incorrect
  • [Bug] Drag and drop to empty element move to wrong position

v2.5.3 - 2013/04/22

  • [Requirement] Visual view: replaced CTRL by COMMAND key for OS X platform
  • [Requirement] Visual view: add key binding for restore selection, select enclosing/previous/next element
  • [Requirement] Visual view: support moving selection in <TEXTAREA> and text input field
  • [Requirement] DOM find/replace dialog: more options for copy result list
  • [Bug] Content might be wrong when reading CSS file in workspace
  • [Bug] Select <FORM> does not include child elements

v2.5.2 - 2013/02/14

  • [Requirement] Visual view: move option "Change focus to editor after clicked" to cool bar
  • [Requirement] Visual view: add key binding support
  • [Bug] menu item text of zoom is wrong
  • [Bug] page not rendering when opening a non-workspace resource(such as: SVN history)
  • [Bug] selection of single element incorrect in some case

v2.5.1 - 2012/11/11

  • [Requirement] Highlight DL, DT, DD with border style
  • [Bug] DOM find/replace dialog: keep screen if change focus to view
  • [Bug] DOM find/replace dialog: script error does not displayed when replace node
  • [Bug] Click on empty <TD> does not move to correct position

v2.5.0 - 2012/07/25

  • [Requirement] DOM find/replace dialog: add XPath column support in result list
  • [Requirement] Define XPath dialog: allow text node
  • [Requirement] Change cursor position after table editing
  • [Requirement] Use native selection for single table row
  • [Requirement] Upgrade Jaxen to v1.1.4
  • [Bug] Visual view: content not update after restore from fast view
  • [Bug] Drag and drop table row has wrong position in some case

v2.4.1 - 2012/06/02

  • [Requirement] Add preview block for row/cell selection, support nested table
  • [Requirement] Do not load image/css file or other resource link to external site
  • [Requirement] DOM find/replace dialog: set default value of "save to command" to "copy from command"
  • [Requirement] Clean image cache when refresh
  • [Bug] Show tag name when mouse move: disable option does not work
  • [Bug] Row selection for <tr rowspan=? > should be multiple row

v2.4.0 - 2012/01/04

  • [Requirement] Load extra CSS file by project
  • [Requirement] Add java script: setMappingAttribute(attributeName)
  • [Requirement] DOM find/replace dialog: add axis "descendant-or-self::" for search simple element
  • [Bug] Hidden element outline is not move after scrolling.
  • [Bug] Taglib API: insertBefore(node, refNode) should not replace node
  • [Bug] Visual view: Pin editer does not work in some case

v2.3.2 - 2011/10/18

  • [Requirement] Add "Detect double click event" option
  • [Requirement] Edit handler dialog: separate Add/Apply to different button
  • [Bug] Click text node after <textarea> does not move cursor
  • [Bug] Edit handler dialog: attribute has no data in some case
  • [Bug] Menu item: TD Editing is not show after select single row
  • [Bug] Visual view: active editer info lost in some case
  • [Bug] CSS style after display:none is not rendered

v2.3.1 - 2011/07/19

  • [Requirement]String Externalize wizard: provide content assist for search text in property file
  • [Bug] String Externalize wizard: preview area doesn't move selection after select item in list/table
  • [Bug] String Externalize wizard: do not save property file if no change need to apply
  • [Bug] DOM find/replace dialog: content assist show wrong hint in some case

v2.3.0 - 2011/06/10

  • [Requirement]HTML visual view: add pin for keep view even active editor change
  • [Requirement] Add selection support for <TEXTAREA> and text input field
  • [Requirement] Primitive tag lib handler: if render to input field, click on the text could move cursor to mapping attribute
  • [Requirement] Click HIDDEN label could change the border of hidden area
  • [Bug] Outlined area of hidden SPAN element is wrong
  • [Bug] Outlined area of hidden element is not remove after modified CSS
  • [Bug] Cursor does not move when click on <TEXTAREA>
  • [Bug] Edit handler dialog: HTML element name is not editable if type is 'Output primitive HTML Element'

v2.2.3 - 2011/03/22

  • [Requirement] Ignore JSTL/JSF style code in image/file path
  • [Requirement] Resource bundle message: if bundle attributed specified but message not found, ignore it and find message again.
  • [Bug] <%@include file='xx.jsp'%> does not work in some case
  • [Bug] CSS of included jsp is not rendered

v2.2.2 - 2011/01/13

  • [Bug] Stack overflow error if JSP include page is scriptlet
  • [Bug] Visual view: set view bound to maximize does not work in some case

v2.2.1 - 2010/12/14

  • [Requirement] Add row editing support - merge, clean innerHTML
  • [Requirement] Add cell editing support - merge, clean innerHTML
  • [Requirement] String Externalize wizard: save property key name prefix in preference
  • [Bug] Incorrect Table rendering in some case
  • [Bug] Click on <SELECT>, <OPTION>, <IMG> do not move to correct position
  • [Bug] Cannot insert/delete table cell in some case
  • [Bug] Cell selection is wrong if select from top-right to bottom-left/bottom-left to top-right

v2.2.0 - 2010/11/22

  • [Requirement] Support row/cell selection
  • [Requirement] Add row editing support - insert
  • [Requirement] Add cell editing support - insert/delete/move
  • [Requirement] Click on empty TD/DIV : set actual position to end of start tag
  • [Bug] Error happened after run String Externalize wizard
  • [Bug] Import file handling issue for Editor view
  • [Bug] Cursor disappear in some case

v2.1.2 - 2010/10/26

  • [Requirement] Move selected area via drag and drop
  • [Requirement] Improve the selection for special element, such as: BUTTON, IMG
  • [Bug] Visual view: Switch file does not work in some case
  • [Bug] Cursor does not move to right position in some case
  • [Bug] Selection is wrong when select elements of include files

v2.1.1 - 2010/10/05

  • [Requirement] More handling for select between visual view/editor
  • [Requirement] Create/update taglib config wizard do not produce tag setting if parent config already defined it
  • [Bug] Cursor move to wrong position for include files
  • [Bug] Selection in Visual view does not work if file opened by several editor

v2.1.0 - 2010/09/13

  • [Requirement] Add HTML visual view
  • [Requirement] Support import/export css file in CSS style preference page
  • [Requirement] Prevent scrolling when selection change
  • [Requirement] Modify tag lib config dialog: improve usability
  • [Requirement] Primitive tag lib handler: add new action type for output resource bundle message
  • [Requirement] Add java script API: isElementContentWhitespace(), getBundleMessage()
  • [Requirement] Remove set file associate dialog at start up
  • [Bug] Resource bundle name should not include source folder
  • [Bug] Image/CSS does not loaded in some case
  • [Bug] Get class property error in some case
  • [Bug] Selection between visual view/editor is wrong in some case

v2.0.1 - 2010/08/16

  • [Requirement] Support copy/paste HTML with other application, adjust popup menu sequence.
  • [Requirement] Improve selection support for visual part/source code editor.
  • [Requirement] Detect XULRunner plugin when Eclipse start up, change warning message.
  • [Requirement] Add php support in File associate dialog.
  • [Bug] Default java script share function is not initial.
  • [Bug] Broken image does not display in some case.
  • [Bug] Dialog does not show after click Add button in Taglib config preference page.
  • [Bug] Cursor config take wrong value in Editor default config.
  • [Bug] Fix XULRunner compatible problem

v2.0.0 - 2010/07/27

  • [Requirement] Change visual part core to Mozilla XULRunner, include lots of hehavior change
  • [Requirement] Support WST only environment, such as: Eclipse IDE for JavaScript Web Developer or Eclipse IDE for PHP Developer
  • [Requirement] Add zoom in/zoom out/custom scale support
  • [Requirement] Adjust label text/component position of String External Wizard
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